Our bankruptcy expertise gives us multiple insights into the most common reasons leading to agribusiness bankruptcies.

Nobili advises on projects involving agribusinesses, including on:

  • bankruptcy of agribusiness partner companies (suppliers, distributors, sub-contractors), which influence the activities and sustainability of agribusiness
  • settlement of tax disputes
  • assessment of bankruptcy risks in agribusiness
  • financial transactions in agricultural sector – financing, insurance, leasing, and others
  • tax structuring, including agrobusiness tax incentives
  • debtor-initiated bankruptcy proceedings
  • representing agribusinesses and individual guarantors in bankruptcy proceedings
  • representing creditors in agribusiness bankruptcy proceedings
  • representation in criminal proceedings on the alleged bankruptcy fraud
  • counteractions to fictitious bankruptcies


Client: an agricultural producer

Nobili represented the interests of the client on reclaiming its property from a third party illegitimate possession. The client lost control over its property based on an invalid contract. The property was reclaimed based on a vindicatory action. The legal position of the client is supported by the Court of Appeal.

Deal value: about USD 173,000

Client: a Ukrainian agribusiness

Nobili represented the client’s interests in courts on challenging the notices of tax authorities and the unjustified calculation of tax liabilities following the tax audit.

The legal position of the client was upheld by the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine.

Deal value: USD 116 000