BankWatch Forum

On February 27, 2019, the BankWatch Forum was held, which Natalia Tyshchenko, managing partner, took part in.

BankWatch Forum is an event where key players in the financial market discussed the stability and transparency of the banking sector in Ukraine, touching on the following issues:

  • The Banking Crisis 2014-2016 in Ukraine: Lessons for the Future;
  • Sustainable banking after crises: what conclusions have the regulators made;
  • Sailing in the same boat: who is responsible for the stability of the sector? Architecture of Banking Supervision in the Post-Crisis Period:
    Responsibility of auditors, appraisers and lawyers. Professional ethics
    Corporative management. The role of the Supervisory Board in the bank
  • Ownership responsibility. The role of law enforcement agencies and courts.

Thanks for the heated discussions and informational reports.