Energy of knowledge and experience. Nobili transforms the approach to the bankruptcy procedure

Nobili  offering customers a synergy of legal, accounting and tax expertise to restart their business. A key product of Nobili is the development of solutions using the bankruptcy procedure as a civilized, professional and ethical business risk management tool.

Business’ perceptions and expectations from the bankruptcy procedure were dynamically and quickly changed by external factors. Bankruptcy has become a tool for restarting and growth.

Changing the vector of economic development of the country, markets and demand industries affected the business model of many Ukrainian companies. Using a bankruptcy instrument, business can get rid of less profitable assets  to reorient to the export opportunities of the free trade zone with the EU, investment opportunities within the country, innovative start-up projects. The development of regulation in this area was motivated to develop a specialized Bankruptcy Code by practice of using the bankruptcy.

The updated Nobili’s corporate style transmits the energy, dynamism, demand of the main company’s product. Bankruptcy and related tax and litigation, accompanied by Nobili, for the first time become civilized business risk management tools.

Having combined knowledge and more than a decade of experience, Nobili accompanies bankruptcy procedures in order to make the client stronger by not leaving the market.