Natalia Tishchenko on the certification program “Lawyer in agribusiness”

Bankruptcy experience is the most valuable treasure that lawyers and entrepreneurs can gain.

On May 20, at 5:00 pm, at a lecture for the certification program “Lawyer in Agribusiness”, Natalia Tyshchenko, an arbitration manager, lawyer and managing partner of the law firm Nobili, shared her treasure of knowledge.

As a practitioner with experience in the agro-industry, construction and development industries, pharmaceuticals, FMCG is better than anyone able to convey the true value of bankruptcy as a free market tool.

At the lecture from Natalia, the audience learned a lot of information about:

Legislative and legal basis of bankruptcy;

“Price list” of bankruptcy in 2021;

A complete guide to bankruptcy and what problems you may face;

And also what secrets this tool hides and why it is the best for the free market;

Of course, this is just a brief description of a lecture from a bankruptcy professional.


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