Workshop “International models of bankruptcy” in Prague

On November 5-7, 2018, the Workshop “International models of bankruptcy” organized by The CEELI Institute was held in Prague.

The main topic for discussion was the practice of bankruptcy of natural persons in different jurisdictions.

Despite that fact that Ukraine made only the first step towards the introduction of bankruptcy of natural persons, adopting the Bankruptcy Code, Olena Fomina, who participated at the workshop as a speaker, decided to share with experts from the USA, the Czech Republic and Russia her own views on the prospects of implementing the legislative innovations, as well as the history of the adoption of the Bankruptcy Code, public expectations and prognosis of experts

The draft Code caused enthusiasm and lively discussions among experts.

Moreover, deciding not to waste time, Olena became an interviewer of international bankruptcy experts. The most urgent issues of the bankruptcy institute of individuals from the point of view of “skilled players” is available on the links:

  1.  Олег Зайцев, аналітик з питань банкрутства та корпоративного права, доцент Російської школи приватного права.
  2.  United States Bankruptcy Judge (Ret.) Sid Brooks.
  3.  Айс Лиджанова, юрист Адвокатського Бюро «Егоров, Пугинский, Афанасьев и партнёры».