The Year of New Procedural Legislation: Expectations and Conclusions

On February 14, 2019, a round table entitled “The Year of New Procedural Legislation: Expectations and Conclusions” was held, organized by Bankruptcy and Liquidation in Ukraine and Arzinger law firm, which Natalia Tyshchenko, Managing Partner of Nobili, took part in.

An interesting discussion was held between business representatives and key stakeholders in the litigation.

What was discussion about?

  • Has the reform of procedural legislation justified business expectations?
  • A reasonable and proportional fee is a subjective criterion, which must be reasoned both by the parties to the case and by the court.
  • Has it been more efficient to sue state bodies?
  • Is the price comparison of court costs to the quality of services?
  • The practice of the principle of social economy, as well as the lawyer’s monopoly, was discussed.
  • Does the provision on security measures work?