Interview Natalia Tishchenko for the Yuridichna Gazeta

Tishchenko Nataliya

Arbitration manager,

managing partner of

Nobili Law Firm

Interview Natalia Tishchenko for the Yuridichna Gazeta

“Bankruptcy is a rather intimate thing that cannot be trusted with anyone”

– Natalia, what events / people have influenced your professional life over the past year?

– In 2018. The company rebranded and announced a reboot. This concerned a new look at what we do and how we do it. We frankly told the market that bankruptcy is a free market tool. We are a small boutique company that is able to make this tool completely transparent and clean. It is bankruptcy in the coming years that will be in trend. We improved our products, began to actively promote them, talked about our values.
However, a full reboot occurred in 2019. When the team was completely changed. The people who came to the company brought not only their experience and skills, but also new energy, which for me is the driving force. At the same time in 2019. Our practice has gained popularity due to changes in bankruptcy law. I spent the whole year working on the Bankruptcy Code. Collaboration with bankruptcy market stakeholders gave me the opportunity to see myself and the company on the other hand, evaluate my strengths, identify strengths and weaknesses, and find priorities.

– You have been in the profession for more than 20 years. How have you, lawyers and clients changed during this time?

– You see the figure and it becomes creepy: has it really been 20 years? It seems that just yesterday it was an unattainable dream – to become a lawyer. The difference is that then I personally cut and pasted the changes into the codes. This was called codification. Now we speak the language of numbers. Today, a lawyer acquires new professional features from other professions. This is a combination of economic knowledge, computer skills, oratory, writing and speaking skills.

The lawyer needs to be open, sincere and have communication skills with a client who is becoming more demanding. If earlier the client wanted to pay for the result, sought to solve his problems by “solving”, today he already understands that the work of a lawyer is, first of all, professionalism. It is not just a mediator between a judge and a party. This is the same profession as a doctor, for which you first need to invest in education, then fill your hand, and this requires corresponding costs. The client no longer wants to go to lawyers on an ad on a post. He wants a lawyer with a name, recognition from colleagues and a reputation.

– Now in the practice of legal services in the field of bankruptcy, changes, updates and some formation are taking place: the adoption of the Bankruptcy Procedure Code, the creation of self-governing bodies of arbitration managers and the like. How do you feel about what is happening? What is your contribution to the development of the profession?

– I have high hopes for the Association of Arbitration Managers. This is a good tool for developing a profession and protecting professional interests. However, how it will be used, time will tell. How much people who have become at the helm will be interested in raising the prestige of the profession and making a contribution to its development.
The code is long awaited and welcome. The practice of bankruptcy has long been in need of change. Despite the fact that bankruptcy practice is one of the main pillars, we were waiting for its appearance. A weighty criterion is accessibility to bankruptcy proceedings. We see a tendency for changes that will affect and form a new position for timely settlements and payment systems in general.

As an arbitration manager, I do my best to increase the prestige of our profession. This year it is planned to conduct educational work among businesses. The purpose of the events is to reveal the concept of an arbitration manager, to show new horizons of the procedure as an effective tool for financial and economic activities.
– How do you find customers and build relationships with them? Which client is ideal for you?
– As before, we work thanks to word of mouth. Bankruptcy is an intimate thing that cannot be trusted with anyone.
– Do you have business or clients that you refuse?
– Of course, we refuse the client who is trying to get us out of the legal field. We always pay great attention to reputation risks. We may also refuse to support the case if we do not engage in certain practices. In this case, we suggest contacting colleagues with appropriate practice.
– You often have to work with different people. What human features do you value most?
– In our area of ​​activity and bankruptcy practice, the main feature is honesty and transparency in relations. Such traits facilitate communication and, no matter how trite it may sound, help to provide qualified services, because hiding or hiding certain information can be harmful in the future.
– What role, in your opinion, is the development of a personal brand in the legal services market?
– The development of a personal brand plays an important role. A personal brand is, first of all, the reputation of a specialist. By combining personal brands in one company under a common brand, maximum results are achieved. The law firm brings together certain specialists in the market who are regular professionals and, as a result, brands.

– How do you develop your own brand?

– First of all, you need to remain yourself – this is the best advice that I can provide to a businessman who wants to promote himself on social networks and build his own brand. However, to generate interesting content the necessary image.

– What is more important for you now: a personal brand or a brand of a company?

– Now my own brand has already been formed. Today I pay more attention to the brand of the company and the development of the people who work in it. We have a high-class team, where everyone has personal experience, a certain experience and should show this to the market. Our company also develops educational areas, we are constantly engaged in continuing education in areas related to bankruptcy.

– What is NOBILI proud of today?

– This year the company turns 13 years old. The achievement is that we were able to maintain our reputation by engaging in quite interesting practice. Today, the company brings together some of the best lawyers in the market. The company is developing and keeping pace with the legal services market.

– What was the main challenge for you in 2019?

– The main challenge is the support and association of arbitration managers, active participation in the creation of a single self-government body. The main task is to unite bankruptcy professionals, increase the status of the profession and protect safe activities.

– What professional achievements do you plan to achieve in the next 5 years?

– I plan to actively participate in the formation of a positive outlook on the profession of an arbitration manager and general bankruptcy, to defend professional interests and provide support to young arbitration managers.

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