(Укр) Юрбізнес воєнного часу


How have customer relationships and workflows changed at Nobili since the beginning of the war? These and other questions were answered by managing partner Natalia Tishchenko in an interview with Yuridichna Gazeta.

– How is your work set up in wartime?

– With the beginning of the war, we have a new job, which is to fight the enemy and help people. I am sure that this is currently the highest priority for many companies, and not only legal ones. We do things that are not inherent in our business. We work remotely, while organizing humanitarian aid for internally displaced persons: search for medicines, apartments, clothes, etc. As for the projects that Nobili conducted before the war, almost all of them are suspended pending the revitalization of the judiciary. And projects that are directly or indirectly related to the aggressor country have been terminated. We are one of the first to announce the termination of any relations with Russian clients.

– Customer requests, format of work with them.

– In the first month, we provided free consultations to individuals on the conditions of border crossing, labor relations. Then there was a wave of requests for settlement of contractual obligations and the use of force majeure for business, the opening and operation of charitable foundations, accounting and registration of humanitarian aid, as well as the issue of documents for compensation for military aggression. that the practice of bankruptcy is closely linked to the recovery of business after the crisis, we began to actively engage in business revocation. And here we have a wide range of issues, from logistics to housing for relocating businesses. Currently, the need for purely legal services is small, so we see our mission in the maximum satisfaction of business needs, and, accordingly, help build Ukraine’s economy.

– Forecasts of market development, given that the racist Reich is falling, and normal businesses will not go there.

– The legal market directly depends on the resumption of business. Gradually, businesses begin to wake up, but very slowly. We need a victory. After overcoming the enemy, the economy will begin to recover fairly quickly. I can already see how the whole international community will help rebuild cities and critical enterprises. The need for legal services will arise immediately after the conclusion of the first agreements. I think lawyers will quickly adapt their services to business needs. New practices will emerge that will be linked to the aftermath of war and mass construction. Due to the fact that many qualified lawyers with knowledge of international law will remain abroad, there may be a staff shortage in this practice. The practice of bankruptcy will be relevant, as always after crises.

– Are you planning (or have already done) relocation?

– We plan to return to my Kyiv office. Our lawyers work remotely. We have well-established internal communication and remote access to documents. We are waiting for the victory!