Scientific and practical commentary on the Code of Ukraine on bankruptcy procedures at KROC University

The purpose of the Nobili Law Company is to spread knowledge about bankruptcy. Actively influence educational processes aimed at studying and informing about key aspects of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a common business tool these days. It helps to optimize financial processes, provides time to reboot in difficult situations (moratorium), frees up assets or helps to redistribute them, and most importantly – helps to restore business.

The popularity of bankruptcy procedures can be seen by the number of open cases in the court register. But the number of specialists specializing in this practice is very small. Bankruptcy procedures are not as simple as they seem at first glance and require experience.

Therefore, the practices of Nobili Law Company: Nataliya Tyshchenko – managing partner, who has more than 22 years of experience in the field of bankruptcy, and Oleksiy Meshe – head of legal practice together with scientists of the National University of Law named after Yaroslav the Wise made a product that will benefit everyone who wants to master the practice of bankruptcy. This commentary is a synergy of scientific thought and practice.


Now all those who wish have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with a copy of the Scientific and Practical Commentary of the CUBP in the library of KROK University. Nobili Law Company reflects the university’s gratitude for the dedication to the training of new specialists, and also contributes to the development of education and science.