(Укр) ЮК “Nobili” та керуюча партнерка Наталія Тищенко — Лідери ринку. Банкрутство


The results of the annual survey of the newspaper “Legal Practice” “50 leading law firms of Ukraine in 2021” became known. According to the results:

Nobili Law Firm is the TOP-2 among the 50 leading law firms in terms of financial efficiency.
Nobili Law Firm was included in the Bronze League of the leading law firms of Ukraine in 2021.
Nobili is recognized as a well-known law firm in the category “MARKET LEADERS. BANKRUPTCY”.

Natalia Tishchenko, Managing Partner of Nobili Law Firm, was recognized as a Famous Lawyer in the nomination “MARKET LEADERS. BANKRUPTCY”.

Natalia Tyshchenko also gave an exclusive comment to the publication on the Crisis Management, and spoke in detail about the role of bankruptcy, the negative impact of the moratorium, lack of work in arbitration trustees, the arbitration trustee’s monopoly and changes in pre-trial proceedings.

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