Why build your own brand if you are a lawyer?


“An established brand is indicated by the fact that you are associated with a certain product or service.”

Natalia Tishchenko, Managing Partner of Nobili Law Firm, told the Fly Academy Personal Brand Agency why build your own brand if you are a lawyer.

1. What is a personal brand for you?

A personal brand is when you are recommended by those who have never been your client. An established brand is indicated by the fact that you are associated with a certain product or service. Everyone in the market knows me as a bankruptcy specialist.

2. Why build your own brand for a lawyer?

In the world of jurisprudence, a personal brand is very important. It gives recognition and inspires confidence among colleagues, clients, and authorities. And also from other organizations where I protect the interests of my clients.

3. Does the brand help in finding clients?

Definitely yes! Word of mouth works in tandem with recognition. Therefore, when new clients come to whom I have been recommended, they have the feeling that they have already seen and know me well. This feeling of elitism is an important and key point at first contact.

4. How do you form your community?

I strive to communicate with positive people who have achieved more than me. And here it is not so much about material success as about harmony. I am attracted by the way they manage their emotions, harmoniously combine business and personal life. I also devote a lot of time to mentoring: I motivate people, share my experience. And I get a huge boost of energy if they progress.

5. How long does your brand take?

It’s a painstaking day-to-day job. The constant maintenance of a personal brand takes up one third of my total professional activity. But it’s worth it.

6. Through what channels do you express yourself?

I express myself through social networks, print and online media, speaking at professional forums and in educational institutions. I also declare myself in the ratings, I participate in social communities that are called upon to change legislation.

7. How a lawyer stands out from the competition. What is your strategy?

To be striking in appearance, despite the fact that jurisprudence favors the classic strict style. Stand out due to clothing, accessories, presentation itself. And of course, have a goal, which is a high mission, not just making money. Always be open to the environment and new projects, smile and be sincere. My strategy is to show society how to do business like a woman. To create, to show female forms of behavior, and not to play male war games. This is what I will be teaching women in my online school. By the way, launch in a month.

8. How do you find the balance between recreation and building a career?

My career is already built. Now I’m looking more for a balance between work and play. There are several rules that help me with this. If my strength is running out and I feel tired, I immediately go to recharge for massage, yoga. I don’t plan a vacation, I look at the situation when the workload in projects is minimal. This way I guarantee my clients full control over their business. Rest separate from work. I am always in touch, but my team solves all problems by itself, and can only bother me in an extreme situation.